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Start Your Health Kick At These Fast Food Joints!​

Published on: 25 Oct 2017

healthy food kick

​Have you been looking to start a health kick but are ​too tempted by an easy, fast food lunch? Not to worry, you can still lose the pounds and pick up your lunch from your favourite fast food joint​! ​

All you need to do is make the right​, low-calorie choices by following some simple rules and check out our healthy choices below.​..​

Healthy choices guidelines:

  1. Skip the sauces or get them on the side so you can add them yourself.

  2. Go for the salad over bread/carb option.

  3. The best options are usually the chicken, beef or veggie.

  4. Water over fizzy drinks.

  5. Fill up with the veggies!


Our top choices for picking the healthiest options:



Subway is a ​great lunchtime destination because you can build your own salad, ​sandwich or sub ​and they have a lot of healthy choices to fill you up. The chicken salad is the best option at Subway, add a little ranch or Italian dressing to make it super tasty, these are the calorific choices, but you only need a light drizzle to get the flavours. Don't be afraid to ask their sandwich makers to be careful with the amount of dressing used! :) ​

If you are after a sandwich fix, then a 6-inch turkey breast sub packed with salad will hit the spot and keep you on track for the rest of the day. Or if you have been hitting the gym and are after more protein go with the roast beef which has 7g more protein than the turkey. Ps, we don’t need to mention leaving out the cheese, do we?!​



Nandos is by far the healthiest fast food option on the high street. It is the easiest place to make healthy choices and not feel like you are sacrificing your dinner. The super-grain salad with chicken is a great source of protein, full of fibre, healthy complex carbs and healthy fats. If you can’t get enough of their chicken then opt for the butterfly chicken with the medium spice, full of flavour and some spicy chilli to get the metabolism pumping, this is the ​top choice for a ​lean source of protein. Add the chargrilled veggies on the side for a filling and balanced meal. ​


Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut can’t have anything health​y​!​ I hear you cry, well they have made it more difficult by taking away their salad bars but don’t fear you can make some reasonably good choices while still enjoying a slice or two!

Size matters too, so obviously the smaller the pizza, the fewer calories, or if you have the heart to share it with someone else even better. The Italian base is the thinnest so will have the least amount of carbs and sugar. Chicken and vegetables are going to be your saviour again, the simple veggie pizza with chicken is the healthiest you are going to get (unless you can sacrifice the cheese?!) but still getting your pizza fix.

After all, pizza is life. Right?



​Do you hear the golden arches calling your name? Then head in to your local Mcdonalds and order a beef burger, that’s right a burger! The beef is now 100% beef so an excellent source of protein, leave out the cheese and add your own sauce so you know how much is on there. G​ranted this is not the most filling option, but it will fix that burger craving. Just make sure you add some veggies, either a shaker salad, carrot sticks and a fruit bag.

Choosing the healthy choice isn’t always easy at first but if the more you make that choice, the easier it will become. If you are unsure about what might be the best option on the menu, then you can always ask the staff.