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Why companies can benefit from mums in the workplace..

Published on: 5 Jun 2018

meet gemma

It’s easy to think there are not enough hours in the day. There are pro’s and con’s and whatever the decision any of our Leisurejobber mum’s (and dad’s) make, it’s a choice to be made personally.

Females in work has been a big topic this year with the ongoing fight to close the UK’s gender pay gap .. And hey we don’t often keep schtum,..(Mum!!) about these things.

The good news is that the number of mums employed in England has had a surge… companies are certainly doing something right to facilitate this. Over the last two decades we have seen an increase of more than a million mothers going back to work- (Office of National Statistics).  Free childcare, part time hours, flexi time, job shares and simply a greater understanding of mothers needs has aided this figure and we applaud the direction we are headed – after all we have some mums ourselves here at Leisurejobs headquarters.

A recent survey by Ernst & Young claims that $1.4billion can be saved through employing productive females in flexible roles due to their better productivity rates in the workplace – the stance taken that these women waste less time than any other employees during a typical working day. Food for thought!

Many of our wonderful clients are in this brigade offering fantastic opportunities for returning mums. As an added bonus, the leisure and hospitality industry offer multiple jobs with shifts and hence a move away from the typical 9-5pm working day – enabling mums and dad’s to muddle together, perhaps easier than if both were working standard office hours.

We spoke to one of our clients, Peach Pubs who are wholly in this camp and have recently written a blog on one of their staff, an Ultimate GM, Mum- Gemma who is delighted with the opportunities she has had to develop her career with Peach Pubs, climbing the career ladder swiftly and successfully whilst maintaining an excellent balance with her childcare needs and rather Peachy (her words) job responsibilities.

And of course, flexible working hours are not just for returning mums. Flexible working laws are designed to help employees find a balance between their working and home life whilst on the plus for employers, helps them to attract and retain the best talent. Win Win.  Multiple articles written around the subject highlight how flexible working can boost morale, improve productivity and reduce employee turnover. And as we advocate 'loving what you do', it gets our vote.