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"i love working at wagamama because the people are all very talented and we're like a very close-knit family. there is always a good vibe in the restaurant because everybody works together so well, which means we have fun!"

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"i love wagamama for the people. the team is family. i’ve never worked in a place that has that unity and community spirit. no two days are the same, we keep it fun and interesting! and you get to look however you want!"

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"my job's awesome because i can be myself 100% on shift. and so can everybody else. all of our team are super close, there's no manager/team member divide and we all have a riot together"

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"wagamama is a company that looks past everything and lets you be yourself, and pushes you to be as weird and wonderful as you truly are. i’ve grown up in wagamama and it's all thanks to the people i’ve worked with who had faith in me"

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"i love wagamama especially for the opportunity they gave to me! wagamama was my first job and still i’m so proud to say that wagamama is one of the best companies to work for, especially if you want to progress. i started at wagamama as a kitchen porter and they gave me the opportunity to make my way up to the head chef position and i know that there is more to come for me"